Bad night in weatherflow land

Wow my station had a bad night - the Hub took a couple reboots, Hub RSSI went infinitely high for hours, Air+Sky both seemingly dropped off from connectivity to the Hub, etc, both at different times for different durations. Hub stopped reporting home to the WF servers. Just a bad night.

Just to take power out of the possibilities I moved the Hub back to being powered off the same surge suppressor my server(ish) systems are all on and we’ll see if things re-stabilize.

FWIW - this kind of stuff is a ‘great’ reason to run your own little local UDP sniffer to see what’s happening with or without the WF servers which require your Internet connectivity. Too much data in my influxdb to even figure out what was cause or effect, but it’s great seeing all the metrics and trying to figure it out with Grafana.