Battery drops quickly

Hi all.
I’m having a problem with battery on my AIR unit.
Station 2527 (

I changed with new batteries on December 5, then on February 8, then April 23, and now I’m with low batteryes again. It seems to me a big battery draining… Initially I was not changing so quicly… Station is running from 2017 (buyed with initial crowdsourcing).
Initial installed with batteries on November 2017, changed first batteries on June 2019: over one and half year of life. Now some months… Batteries I’m using are always Energizer AA Ultimate Lithium. I buy them when I need so I don’t think I have all “discharged” or all defective batteries…

What can I check on AIR unit?

This does look odd. Might be worth opening a support ticket with WF.

One question, have you bought the batteries from different shops? Is it possible one shop is just selling defective or fake batteries?

It’s possible you got a set of bad batteries.

Got them on Amazon. Mainly directly from Amazon EU, one time from “Go Green Batteries”.

@peter: done, I create a ticket.

Definitely seems odd that you would get three bad sets in a row. Let’s see what support says.