Power drain or weak batteries?

Not sure if my SKY has a problem or not, but I’m on my third set of batteries in about 6 months, the last 8 lasted about 1 month!! Can’t keep that up on expensive batteries. I’ve just put in a set of carbon batteries to see how they go in comparison.

The device is a little bit away from the station, but not excessively I wouldn’t have thought.


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Yes, you have an issue. Contact support ASAP.

Hi @pnunn . Thanks for letting us know. We took a quick look at your power curves. The data suggest that the batteries you inserted in September were not Ultimate Lithiums (the power curve for Ultimate Lithiums starts around 3.45v). Curious to know what type of batteries did you use?

Also, it looks like your SKY is in performance mode collecting wind obs overy 3seconds. Are you in research? Do you use the 3sec data? The reason we ask…most home users are totally fine operating the SKY in power save mode – see instructions above. This will save magnitudes of power consumption.

Anyway, we here to make sure you’re happy with your station. Let’s work together to that end. Here’s a normal power curve for a SKY with Ultimate Lithiums on power save mode.


Even in power-hungry mode, I’m expecting my Energizer Ultimate Lithiums to make it over a year at the minimum.

Can you verify that you placed all 8 batteries in with the proper orientation???


OK, I have one of the latest dead batteries in front of me now and I can assure you that they were all Energizer Ultimate Lithium despite your assertion to the contrary above. Both sets of batteries other than the ones that are in the device now were of this type.

I can indeed drop the sampling rate (I didn’t see this before but will set that now), however the battery types were absolutely as suggested.


Can you be sure the batteries are genuine and not counterfeit?

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Pretty sure they are genuine, they came from a major hardware store in Aust not from the net.

I don’t know where that is but there is a lot of discussion here about counterfeit batteries.

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Hi @pnunn . Thanks for being a good sport and helping to figure out the root cause here. Good to know you are using Energizer Ultimate Lithiums (we tested lots of batteries, and they clearly work the best in variable temps and conditions). :muscle:

We have seen cases where one or more of the batteries in a “fresh” pack is measurably lower voltage — effectively a dud that can be the culprit for premature power drain. If you have a simple volt meter, it would be interesting to know the initial voltage of the new batteries. They should test ~ 1.9v individually. It’s also interesting to test each of your last set of batteries to see if one or more are significantly more depleted which is indicative of a bad battery.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back and will stand behind our products. Just need to figure out if your power drain is related to something wrong with your SKY, or perhaps something wrong with your batteries. (We’d send you a fresh set of Ultimates…but the international shipping authorities are not too keen on sending ‘lithium’ batteries around the globe!) . Thanks for testing and experimenting.

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I think that your voltage is a little bit optimistic for a single cell. Maybe two in series… :wink:


Good catch. Will retest and post expected values. Sorry for the confusion.

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Could the person using the WFStaff account at the time of posting actual sign the post so it’s less anonymous?

Just because, measure the voltage in each of the batteries and let us know the voltage on all eight cells.

Tested fresh Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA battery should be ~1.9v each. Made the correction to reply above.



OK, sorry for the delay, went and found my multimeter and discovered it had a flat battery (do I detect a trend here :smile: )

The voltages of the dead batteries are as follows

0.000 This is odd, but measure a number of timees

So, not sure what’s going on with the full and totally empty ones.

I’ll measure the next set of new ones I put in. Currently running of carbon batteries so will leave them until they die.

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Take the dead one and throw it out. It’s shorted internally.
Take the 1.994 and out it aside.

The rest can be used in other items, including the Air

OK, interesting idea with the old ones Gary, I was just going to chuck the lot… I’ll try again with another set new batteries but measure them first and post the results here when I do.


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I would bet the the 0 volt and 1.9 volt battery were in series. But what happened between them is strange. It’s like the 1.9 became a vampire. And now I wonder how it will hold up under a drain.

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I reckon the 0 volt has open circuit and the 1.9V didnt loose any charge through the other battery with the open circuit. So the 1.9V battery is like new.
cheers Ian :slight_smile: