Breathe safety device


Not sure if this is the right place to post this as we do not have a breathe section.

I note that there is a new indoor air quality device en route and wondered if it was possible for the development team to also use this as an alarm if significant change in air quality was detected. (change in air mix ratio)

This could then be used as alarm in RVs, caravans, homes etc whereby any significant change would set off an alarm.

Reason I ask is that some naughty people inject a sleeping gas into RVs etc to sent the occupants to sleep while they ransack the RV. A signal to signify a dramatic change in the mix would be highly beneficial safety device to all.


Interesting use case. Now I am curious if the sensor can detect such a change.

Another similar safety device would be for the DIY tear drop camper builders, who sometimes seal their creations so tight that they actually suffocate overnight…

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“Another similar safety device would be for the DIY tear drop camper builders”

Pardon my ignorance but what is a “tear drop camper”. Curious


The uhoo breathe sensor sends out notifications of changes but I guess Weatherflow could set up a better monitor system to oversee rapid changes in the relationship of VOC/Carbons etc as opposed to slow moving changes

BTW the Uhoo has to work through a router but I guess the breathe would work as the sky/air (router or BLE).

We would also need a 12volt or usb version for portability or a battery as in the air.

Heres hoping

What is thus Uhoo that you speak of?

Someone selling a commercial version of the DIY campers:


Basically, it’s a casket with a trailer hitch…especially if you seal it too tightly…



Cheers, Now I know what it is.

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Oh yes, a radon detector would be really nice. That’s a huge issue in the Rocky Mountains.