Bug or Feature? Missing fields in Websocket AIR summary object

@dsj Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but when a new station comes online and no lightning strikes have yet been detected, two fields are missing from the AIR summary object: strike_last_dist and strike_last_epoch.

Station 690 with the fields:


Station 7471 without the fields (as of yesterday)


My instinct is that all the fields should be initialized, and just filled with null values if no data exists.

Hi Peter. It’s not really a bug or a feature, but just the way we chose to implement it: An explicit field (like strike_last_dist) that has no value will not appear in the message. The only place you’ll see null values is in the array elements.


OK, understood. I have updated the PiConsole accordingly, so this won’t be an issue any more :smiley: .