Calculating (ET) Evapotranspiration

Does anyone know of a third party application that will calculate ET when using data from the WF Smart Weather Station? Thanks.

I’ve only been running Weather Display for two days and it does display ET.

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Drew, Is your weather station a WF Sky & Air? Thanks

Yes it is and my first PWS too. I just starting to delve into the world of PWS software and trying a bunch of different things. I have Weather Display running on Windows box pulling data via UDP. You can also set it up to pull data from WF website.

I’m also playing with Weewx on a Pi. The base display screen does have ET on it, However I’m not getting any ET data and that is probably a config issue on my part.

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Thanks Drew. I really like the Weewx look. Can you let me know if you get the ET to work with data from your WF station on Weewx?

This is awesome news.




Hello Drew, I was just wondering if you ever got your Tempest to display ET rates using Weewx? If so, could you show me a picture? WF doesn’t seem like they want to add it to their system even though hundreds of us have been asking for it for or 3 years now. Thanks