Can First Gen. (Smart Weather Station) add Tempest device only?

@WFstaff can you tell, when Tempest-only (without HUB) will be available for 1st generation system users? Or I missed something :thinking:


Hi @zacofany this is a good question that deserved its own thread.

The short answer is we don’t know when we’ll be allowing Tempest only purchases but hopefully soon.

We did sell a handful of Tempest only devices for a very short time but decided to stop after there were numerous firmware updates required for the Tempest device. While the Tempest device firmware is still maturing, we are indefinitely restricting ‘upgrades’ to the complete system (Tempest + Hub) only. This is because we don’t want users stuck with outdated firmware.

As some may know, the first gen Hub, referred to internally as ‘revision F Hub’ cannot update AIR/SKY/Tempest device level firmware. The new, ‘rev G’ Hub does have the ability to update Tempest device firmware.


It strikes me that it is not really viable to mix and match the two systems and that if a first generation owner wishes to upgrade it would be best to the full system.
A special discount for original smart weather station owners would perhaps compensate for buying the hub as well!


FWIW, it does work both ways. I have a SKY attached to my Tempest Field Test hub and I have a Tempest connected to a SKY+Air hub. That being said, I will have to move the Tempest to a rev G hub to update it.

Only if the alternative route that @dsj previously mentioned does not come to fruition (and I hope it does, else I would have backed a complete system originally :frowning:)

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All hypothetical for me anyway as I am in the UK and Tempest is not being shipped here yet!

I have also been holding out for the special tempest only price for the original purchasers. I passed up the offer to purchase the tempest and hub at a reduced price that was offered to the unsellected Bata testers, because I was waiting for the special tempest only offer for the original purchasers.

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Received an email today for $80 credit for a system upgrade, with hub.


Hopefully we will get ours soon.