Firmware Updates?

(Very) New User Here: Do I need to manually update Firmware settings in the units or are these updates “pushed” to the units automatically? Upon installation, my Firmwares are: Sky 43, Air 23…Thanks a lot!

The Hub will get updated automatically. To date no devices, (Sky and Air) have been updated.

Your devices are the latest versions.

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Updates go auto the firmware on the sky and air stay the same only firmware on the hub will get updates i think. So as long it s connected to internet you will receive updates note some testers will receive other firmware this is announced on the forum

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@WFmarketing @dsj per above comment - is that true that devices will not get firmware updates, only the hub? Only ask as I just noticed my two Air units have different firmware revisions and I wondered why: 20 and 23. Thanks!

Hi @dave Good question. The sensor devices are designed such that they do not require firmware updates. Any software handling of the raw sensor data is done via the HUB firmware. The reason that you see different firmware versions in your two AIR devices: we switched to a different temp/humidity sensor part which required some device-level firmware amendments.

Most of the fancy stuff happens in the HUB firmware and the WeatherFlow cloud. That’s all, carry on. :grin:


Perfect, thank you for clarifiying!

Does this apply to the new Tempest hardware too?

Sort of. A Tempest connected to the old hub referred to in this thread will not get firmware updates, whereas a Tempest connected to the new hub can get updates. In both cases the hub will get updates automatically. I’m quite sure that the older SKY and AIR are not able to get in field firmware updates even when connected to the new hub.

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