Tempest Firmware Updates?

Do we need to manually update the firmware for the Tempest, or are updates “pushed” to the unit automatically?

Firmware updates are pushed by WeatherFlow… no need for the end-user to do anything.


. . . and depending on what the Firmware update involves. . .there could be a data gap anywhere from 2-8 minutes while the update is pushed to your Hub.


How is the firmware update in Tempest?

I have two of these stations, the older one has firmware 156, the HUB has firmware 171.
The newer one has a different, newer firmware 165, the HUB has firmware 177

How and when is it updated? Or does support only do it in case of some problems?

For the Tempest between 156 and 165 there are small changes but not so many except one that is important for the power booster if used on batteries (and only technicians can upgrade those)

For the hub the same, most things are cosmetic and more internal evolutions. If you have no problems no need to ask for upgrades. You won’t get any new features or surprises except if you use the power booster on batteries. Functionality is equal.
Hubs can be upgraded by support but again nothing new to expect. And indeed new devices come with latest which is normal. While configuring them, same effort to install any version :slight_smile:

On the older version of TEMPEST I have a “power booster” for the winter, but I also have a 240V power supply for the booster.

There’s poor sun visibility, it’s been running me in power saving mode for a few winter months this year.

Will I need the HUB upgrade then, or only if the “power booster” will only work with batteries ?

It is the Tempest that needs the upgrade, not the hub :wink:

If it runs on plug, there is no benefit to update it. It is really important when running from batteries.
But if you would like to get it upgraded in case you need it on batteries, just open a support ticket mentioning which Tempest and it will be done for you.

Thanks for the clearance.

I think I will always use the “Power Booster” with this Tempest with 240V power supply.

For the second Tempest station, where I might use the “Power Booster” with batteries in winter, there is already a newer firmware 165, so is that sufficient?

yes that FW does handle correctly the booster on batteries.

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Is 164 sufficient for battery support?

Know I’m resurrecting a dead thread however, firmware updates are not always pushed by WeatherFlow. My station was on version 156 and was upgraded to 173 only after sending a request to Support – who were very responsive and pushed the update to my station within 24 hours.


Yeah I emailed support this morning. Hoping to get a response as mine is still on 164. Hopefully I get a response soon. I guess they’re busy.

Hmm. Support closed my ticket without responding. It says to open a follow up ticket though so I did. Hopefully I hear back tomorrow.

Did they update the firmware?

Yeah I was able to chat with support after the fact. Erik put me on 170.

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