Can I paint the surface of the Tempest?

good evening all —

we have a picky HOA - can I “very carefully” paint the Tempest? I know there are some very sensitive sensors that I would have to work around

a bronze color would almost match the color of our back yard lanai and help the Tempest blend in to the surroundings.


Problem is the colour. You are going to provoke overheating in the sun with such a dark colour. Weather stations are white for some reason :wink: reflect as much sunlight as possible to avoir artificial heating of the housing.
If you can live with that ‘error’, you can, just avoid to paint the plates where the wind sensors are. There is a special coating to avoid water build up since this can provoke false wind readings (feels a bit rough). Also I’m not to sure how the rain sensor will be affected by an extra layer on the top dome …

Can’t make a deal, like sharing the data to all of those complaining ?? Explain why it has to be white etc ??

@eric - A background documentary :wink: on the curse of many American suburbanites in planned communities…the HOA (home owner’s association):

Many of them dictate the color of your front door, how many cars you can have in your driveway, what kind of plants/flowers/trees you can plant, ban outdoor antennas, and all kinds of other restrictions that you would not think possible in the land of the free…


Thank you Cynthia. Those people just drive me crazy. Watch the smirk on the guy too. Unfortunately so true.

FWIW for the original poster, I’d do…nothing…you’re not going to find any Cynthia who will approve anything, so don’t bother. Just live with the implications of living in a crazyland community where people have nothing better to do. Sigh.


the previous person mentioned there was a “special coating to avoid water build up” on the sensors - I had not read anything about this ???

tks. again

Not much written about it indeed but the 2 plates have a special coating (pretty fragile so don’t go rub it to hard if ever it needs cleaning)

Here a picture I took from another user where you clearly see this area … top and bottom plate are sprayed with a special layer to avoid water buildup as that can cause false wind readings. The signals can bounce around and the readings are wrong. Reason this layer has been added to avoid this as much as possible. It isn’t 100% ( with no wind/drizzle/foggy conditions) but this is not happening much. We don’t see many cases anymore since this coating is used.


Does this spray need to be reapplied. - if so how often or when?

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no need to apply it again, this is a permanent coating and as long you mechanically don’t rub it off, it will be ok.

As you know the info from Tempest it is very handy.
Is the HOA interested in letting you install the Tempest somewhere else on another building then allow everyone to have access to the information.