Connecting to Public WiFi networks

I’m do not own the product yet. I have one really important question for me before I buy
Will the HUB connect to a public WiFi network? (a network that is open and do not require a password to connect, but usually have to login via Guest Page or just accept Terms Conditions page before internet access is granted)

Thank you

ps. Is the Hub firmware open sourced?

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I doubt that will work.

No. That’s a very strange question. If it was what would you do with the code?

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well, that was in regard to original question. I case of negative answer and being a programmer myself I was hoping to custom modify firmware for myself to allow connections to open WiFi.

To clarify even more my reasons for asking. I was planning to install weather station in public park near lake me and my friends go kite surfing. There is public WiFi available. Cell service available. No other networks. What are my options?

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Well, if the Wi-Fi is truly open it may work. But if it requires accepting and agreement there is no way for the station to do that.

The Hub can be accessed standalone from the iOS and Android apps via Bluetooth, no wifi needed.

Depending on what type of captive portal they are using on the public wifi, it could be as simple as spoofing the Hub’s MAC address on a PC, using that to logon, and then turn on the Hub. I have seen a few strict captive portals that actually end your session if you close their web browser tab, so that could be an issue. Maybe a wifi range extender that does NAT can sit between the Hub/PC and public wifi, which would look like one MAC address to the public wifi captive portal?

Another (non-free) option is to pick up a cellular data “jet pack” and use one of the cheap pre-paid SIM cards assuming that you’re in the USA. One of them gives something like 1/2 megabit of data transfers per month for free, and I know a few racing clubs who use these services to post live event timing results to the web as cars run…


Great question! The Hub will connect to a password-less network (just leave the password blank) but if it requires a user interaction like agreeing to terms & conditions, as many do, that will unfortunately not work. There is no way to present the form to agree to the terms & conditions.

@vreihen has some nice hacks that might work, but use at your own risk of course! You might have better luck talking to whoever runs the local network - if you were to share the data with them, maybe they’d give you direct access to the WiFi network!

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