Wifi requirments

Hey all,

Just curious about WIFI requirements or restrictions for connecting a Tempest hub. I ordered a second unit I want to install at my office which has multiple WIFI networks, and I don’t know what frequency they are (5 vs. 2.4). I’m hoping the hub will detect any of the networks and I can just put the password for the selected network in.

Also, does anyone know if the hub will connect to a non-restricted (guest) network? Thanks!

As far as I am aware the hub should automatically detect all 2.4 GHz WiFi networks (except those with hidden SSIDs). It cannot work with 5 Ghz networks.

If you mean “non-restricted” as in a WiFi network that is not secured with a password, then yes, the hub should be able to connect. However, if the non-restricted network has a WiFi landing page/captive portal that requires a password to be entered or T&Cs to be accepted, then the hub will not be able to connect.

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Thanks for the good info.

Keep in mind that the Hub does NOT support “enterprise” wifi (username and password)…

I just setup my Tempest Station yesterday and all appears to be working well. The Hub is connected to my WiFi Network and the Hub light is Green. My question is: For some reason when I did the setup it connected to WiFi as opposed to BLE. Does this really matter as long as everything is working well ?

Wifi is used by the hub to link to the internet so it can talk to the servers fo Weatherflow. This is the normal way (green led) and it needs no other device.

Bluetooth is between the hub and a device using the app so it can talk to the hub and change settings etc. (blue led). If your phone has data (cellular or wifi) it does forward the data to the Weatherflow servers when in use but this is not the best option. Once you finished looking at the weather (in bluetooth range it will connect to the hub) better close the app properly so the hub goes directly via wifi and your router/modem to the internet

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Thanks Eric. I got it now. Running on BLE !