Status Light on Tempest Hub

Hey all, quick question. I have two Tempest units, one at my house and one at my office. The one at my office is brand new. The status light on the hub at my desk is solid green. Everything is working normally. The light on the one at the house is solid blue. And everything is working normally. Any ideas why they are different colors? Thanks!

The solid green light indicates that the hub is online, connected directly to a WiFi network and sending observations to the WeatherFlow servers.

The solid blue light also indicates that the hub is online, but in this case it is connected via bluetooth to a phone/tablet which is then sending the observations to the WeatherFlow servers via its WiFi conection.

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the blue light indicates that it is connected via bluetooth. That is used for communication with the app. That’s fine, but normally wifi connection should take over. Try disabling bluetooth on your phone for a moment

Thanks guys. So I used my iPhone to set up the Tempest at my house. And even when I turn off Bluetooth on my phone, the hub still shows blue. I do have an iPad running continuously in the house to display the weather info from the Tempest. Bluetooth is turned on on the iPad. Could this be what the hub it talking to?

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Now that I’m thinking about it, I bet this is why I get delays in data refreshing when opening the app on my phone. Maybe the extra step of the hub sending the info through my iPad at the house is causing the delay.

Yes the iPad sounds like a likely culprit. Try turning the WiFi off on that device and see what happens.

but first try turning Bluetooth temporarily off on both your phone and your ipad. Your ipad doesn’t need to run the app, it could go to the weather station’s website to get a nearly identical view of your station.

Opps! I meant bluetooth not WiFi. Do what @sunny says!


Thanks all, will try these solutions today.

Thanks guys, turning off Bluetooth on the iPad did the trick. The light turned green right away.


Once in a while I get a yellow banner on the top of the App and it says
network connection error. The phone is right next to the Wifi router as
well as the Tempest indoor hub. When I restart the App, the banner

What is the colour of the led of the hub when you use the app ?? Blue or green ?

If it is blue you are taking the data from the hub to your phone and it is your phone sending it via wifi to the internet. And most phones close connections after some time and you re activate them via relaunching the app …

If you want to use your phone as a display,disable bluetooth so the hub stays directly to the internet via wifi … (green led)

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The LED always turns blue when using the App

and I get this yellow banner while the LED turns blue and I cannot access the Tempest
data. After force closing the App and restarting, it works again. This happens every day.
My phone as well as the Tempest hub are located within 3 ft of the Wifi router when I try

this is as described the problem

your phone is connecting to the hub and this stops the wifi connection from the hub to the internet. Your phone takes over and forwards it to the internet (and seen from your screenshot via cellular data and not wifi)

To avoid this, disable the bluetooth on your phone if you want to use it as a display. This way your hub sends it’s data directly to the servers via wifi (green led) and not via your phone that disconnects the link after some time.

normal way

Tempest <- radio -> hub <- wifi (green led) -> internet to Weatherflow servers

what you have

Tempest <- radio -> hub <- bluetooth (blue led) -> phone <- cellular -> internet to Weatherflow servers

And in your case the cellular link stops for some reason. Re opening the app restores the link but again, this is not the best way to proceed.

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Why does it use bluetooth to connect to the hub? I use bluetooth with many other
devices and its very inconvenient if I have to constantly have to turn on or off the
bluetooth. I followed the setup instructions and dont remember selecting bluetooth
anywhere as a default to connect. Is this caused because I am so close to the hub
right now? Do I have to move the hub away from bluetooth range to avoid the constant
turn on or off bluetooth? Is there a way to fix this without the on and off switching
while the phone is within range of bluetooth?

Because the app is primarily used to setup and change the settings and for this needs a bluetooth connection.
Or you disable bluetooth or you see that the hub is far enough to be out of range of the phone (not always easy)

Other option is to use the webpage that is almost identical

replace the xxxx with your station ID

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Ok that works, I didn’t know about the web interface. Thanks for your assistance, just
got the Tempest 3 days ago and it is excellent and very easy to setup. I am now waiting
for rain to see how accurate it is. The wind sensor seems to be very sensitive and reacts
to very small changes in speed and direction. I used Davis Instruments and Bloomsky
and this is truly a step above and I admire the innovation and sophistication with this new

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Turn off Bluetooth permissions for just the Tempest app. That way you don’t have to move anything and can keep Bluetooth on.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will check on it, I am running IOS 13

Go to Settings>Privacy>Bluetooth and toggle off the Tempest permission.

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