BT blue LED always lit

Noticed that my HUB LED is always blue. I seemed to recall that it was only blue when I was connected with my iOS device. Then when app closed it would go back to green.

Should I be concerned or check something?

Make sure you actually EXIT the application on Apple. If you just send it to the background it may stay connected.

Yeah did that double tapped the home button and swiped up… even turned off BT on it ???

That is strange as the latest firmware contained a fix for that issue. I suggest you contact so they can have a look.

What is strange is I just connected via a webclient with my PC and it went to green! But it did go back to Blue.

Yeah support will be on my list! Thanks

I’m pretty sure that the fix for this is in the latest iOS app, which is currently in testing. My Hub was also having the blue light stuck on issue…

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OK… Thanks … I’ll wait it out.

other than that… it’s been working GREAT!

EDIT: I also put in a request for support to check it out …

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Just so I’m SURE …
the more I look at the LED color it looks more PURPLE than Blue. My wife confirmed that it really is PURPLE.
I assumed there were only RED,GREEN,BLUE colors… is there a PURPLE - if so what does it mean?

(Support has forwarded my issue up the chain)BLUE_LED

UPDATE: Today it Really is BLUE… so there is a PURPLE (or RED&BLUE)

Purple is made up of red and blue. That’s very strange. Are you receiving UDP data and is data being sent to the WeatherFlow servers?

I assume so … everything is working fine.

I think the lights are just stuck. I’d suggest rebooting it and all should be fine, but I think WeatherFlow should have the chance to look at your Hub.

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That was the first/second thing I did, no change…

What firmware version is your Hub on ?

Hub ver 98
Air ver 20

Sky ver 43

WF did a modification with v98 which should handle those cases. Does the issue is new since about 2 weeks ?

I believe that the v98 fix for purpled LED also had no data being sent as a symptom. @tcichowicz’s data is still flowing, which points to this being a new issue…

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What is strange - NEW is that it WAS green this morning, I haven’t seen that for awhile. But it has gone back to Blue.

To answer the question @dsfg I don’t recall it coinciding with the update, as my hub is in a location where the LED is not directly visible. I have to purposely look at it, almost having to move it (it’s facing the wall on a shelf) to see the color.But it could have begun after the update.

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