AIR lost connectivity, seems locked-up & showing solid blue LED (replaced by WF support)

AIR unit worked a couple days, then lost connectivity. Noticed LED completely dark. Brought it inside, replaced lithiums with new ones, LED went solid blue. Pressed and held LED button for 5+ seconds, still solid blue. Replaced lithiums with akalines, still solid blue. Let it sit on desk for an hour. Still solid blue…

Is there any other way to reset the AIR, other than by pressing and holding the LED button per the Troubleshooting Guide?

Hello Robert

A blue led means a device is connected via Bluetooth. Is there a smartphone or tablet with weatherflow app around ?? If so use it to add it again as you did a full reset. Just go over the original setup instructions again.

Bluetooth is off on all devices: laptops, tablets, phones and desktops, yet solid blue LED remains. The blue LED comes on immediately when the battery door is closed on the AIR, even after the batteries have been left out of it for a while. As for going through the original setup instructions again, I see no way of deleting this account, as would be required to go through the initial setup sequence again. I get the error “The email address is already in use by another account”. Even tried holding down the LED button (tricky) while the battery door is being closed.

re reading your original post I get confused. The air should not have a blue light at all.

A blue led on the hub is bluetooth, not the air, so my first reply isn’t correct. Sorry (happens when you read quickly)

here is a page with complete troubleshooting details

If what you call blue is purple …

  • Solid purple : The device is not connected to a Hub.

  • If your device is not paired to the Hub, open the app, go to settings > stations >(select your station) > manage devices > tap “+” to add a device.
    To successfully pair the device you might need to power cycle the unit. Open and close the battery door so the device rebroadcasts its pairing signal to the Hub.

if this still doesn’t work, best is to contact support. In worst case you get another unit,

Here are their contact details

support via the website :

support via mail :

sorry again for the confusion :no_mouth:

Definitely solid blue on the AIR, NOT purple. Contacting support, Thanks for trying though, cheers.


Eric. It’s the Air he is having issues with, not the Hub.

That’s definitely an issue for support. None have reported this issue here as far as I know.

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Already in the works. First reply from them is that it can’t be blue, so I’m not optimistic. It’s not even a white-gold dress / blue-black dress thing; I guess the only way to prove it’s blue is side by side with a printed Pantone chart.

I see the photo. It’s blue. I wish I could get my hands on it.

It’s easy enough to prove. Put the Air next to the Hub so you can see both LEDs. Connect to the Hub so it turns blue and take a photo. Then both LEDs will be comparable.

Little bit of glare, as I was rushing because the phone I was using to connect with was also the same as taking the photo :stuck_out_tongue: but here is the comparison shot

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Hue and contrast seem fine.

We’ll let others judge but they both look blue to me.

to me they are blue
gosh you have a collectors item :rofl:

kidding apart support will help you.

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Replacement AIR on it’s way.