Hub light always blue - is this an issue?

I have two iOS devices - an iPhone and an iPad.

I have my iPad installed as an always-on device so I can easily see the weather as it changes, therefore the app is never closed.

Does this cause a problem, because the LED lights on Hub are always do, presumably as a result of that.


The blue light on the hub means it is connected via bluetooth to either your iPhone or iPad. As far as I know this should not cause any issues.

Thanks - indeed it was connected to my iPad. I have been having sporadic Hub offline issues, and not sure it’s related, so I just turned Bluetooth off on my iPad just to see if that makes any difference.

I had the same issue. I wanted to switch to WiFi with a green light replacing the blue one.
The app requires you to pick a wifi network and password. I had to take the MANUAL settings option. and type in the SSID rather than picking it from a list.