Hub pairing to unknown bluetooth device

Lost my station signal early this am. Wifi is fine. App (iOS) states hub not found. Hub displaying blue LED status. Soft and hard reset hub. Hub turns blue almost instantly. Turned off all nearby bluetooth items: computer/printer/laptop. After plugging in hub again, near immediate blue and phone app states hub not found. Deleted account and tried reinstall from scratch - no luck. Any ideas?

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Try resetting the hub with a paperclip. Push it into the little hole right above the light.

I got the blue light a couple of times last month. All I needed to do was to unplug the hub, and plug it back in, turned green both times on boot up. I found some earlier threads on the blue light, which were possibly solved by a firmware update, but seemingly unrelated to mine bought at the end of 2018 (much later than that thread). Just a minor nuisance if you notice it right away, but would be nice to know why it comes on, or better yet when it gets fixed :slight_smile:

My T-mobile home internet (part of the nationwide trial), which is normally wonderful, also needs a boot once in a while when the WiFi hangs. Ironically, I have my hub pointed outward near the T-mobile home internet box, so if it goes red, I know that I need to boot the T-mobile box!

On a general note and maybe not the case but never know

Depending on what device you use to connect via BT, some do keep the link open in background and you really need to force quit (I think to some Android devices)

On another level, imagine you live in an apartment and your close your apps but your neighbour has his device and fooling around with BT and sees your hub …

If nothing helps : time to contact support and open a ticket at or by emailing


@echrismd Did you get a solution to this issue? I’ve run into the exact same problem.

Blue LED immediately on start up, but no Hub connection in the app.