Hub keeps cycling

I recently moved my hub to a location where I can routinely see the unit’s status light. And it is behaving in a rather odd manner.

Instead of being green most of the time, indicating it is connected to my WiFi network, it cycles from red to blue to greens to blue to green a few times and then back to red,

I don’t seem to be losing much data but is this normal behavior?

Things I have done:

Powered hub off and one several time. Changed to various power supplies. Changed to various wifi connections. Rebooted extenders and routers several times.

I do have a spare hub I could use but I don’t want to do that unless I must.


Try turning off bluetooth on your phone, tablets, etc., anything near (in bluetooth range) of the hub.

I noticed a change over to BT to my phone or iPad sometimes when I passed by the hub (hub went from green to blue light).

If it goes to red after blue, when your phone (tablet, etc.) leaves the room, perhaps the hub is not automatically re-connecting to the WiFi for some reason.

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This is perfectly normal behavior and troubleshooting is not necessary.

:large_blue_circle: a blue LED indicates the Hub is connected to a device over Bluetooth, this status supersedes…
:green_circle: a green LED, indicating the Hub is connected to WiFi
:red_circle: a red LED indicates the Hub is not connected, neither to WiFi nor Bluetooth

As you describe, one might occasionally see the LED turn red for a moment. This is totally normal. We maintain a TCP connection to our servers to send data, when that connection is lost the LED turns red. The Hub will automatically attempt to reconnect and when it does the LED will turn green again. You should not be losing any data when this occurs and you may not even notice any effects other than seeing the light change.


Thank you very muchly.

What does this colour indicate then?!?

Slightly different color green LED? Could be nothing or a weird combination state. Let us know your station ID or account username and we can take a look. Thanks!

Is that one of the first Hubs shipped to Indiegogo backers, where the factory installed the wrong resistor on the power LED and turned it into a night light???

I know it’s hard to tell but the LED in that photo is yellow. Sometimes it will turn purple / murple?!? :rofl:

The unit does indeed display the other colours correctly when invoked: Blue, Green, Red.

The other two colours appear when the hub is in some kind of unknown state or the WF service is having issues.

Just wanted to share this out of band observation with the group. :slightly_smiling_face:

sometimes mine is cyan, and some time ago my wifi was working but my provider wasn’t working. In that case the light is red, but every few seconds it turns green for a second. You might consider adding more status with a short explanation.