HUB shows RED then NO l.e.d

System has been up and running in it’s present location for months. Now the past 2 mornings when I get to my office the HUB is showing a RED led…then it will cycle to NO led for a few seconds…then back to RED. I have cycled power to the HUB and nothing changed. I got on my iphone and when I go into the SmartWeather wifi settings for my HUB is says “No wifi found”.

After 15 to 30 minutes the HUB will “fix” itself and show a GREEN led. I should mention that the HUB is dropping off at or very close to 6 a.m. local time (1400Z). My internet and WiFi are fine.

I’m wondering if this could possibly be WeatherFlow pushing out an update to the HUB?
Or is this an indication that my HUB is failing?

on a general note the led’s indication explained

:large_blue_circle: a blue LED indicates the Hub is connected to a device over Bluetooth, this status supersedes…
:green_circle: a green LED, indicating the Hub is connected to WiFi
:red_circle: a red LED indicates the Hub is not connected, neither to WiFi nor Bluetooth

As you describe, one might occasionally see the LED turn red for a moment. This is totally normal. We maintain a TCP connection to our servers to send data, when that connection is lost the LED turns red. The Hub will automatically attempt to reconnect and when it does the LED will turn green again. You should not be losing any data when this occurs and you may not even notice any effects other than seeing the light change.

Did something change in the network recently … or maybe some heavy traffic on the line ??? Regular drop outs mostly are independent from hub.

At present time there are no updates to hubs going on nor planned (for what I know)

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No changes other than replacing my solar accessory on the Sky unit. Very strange that this started. No Blue led, just Red or nothing. Suspect my HUB wifi electronics may be slowly dying…what is interesting is that it happens at the same time in the morning.