Hub Red Light Despite Power Cyclings (solved w/ WiFi extender reboot)

Morning - just noting my Hub has gone offline - I have a red light and power cycling has not restored it. My internal UDP data is also down although oddly the direct phone connection seemed to work when I ran a test.

Just wondering if it’s a known issue or if a reset of the hub is required ?

Station 2701…Editing - udp has kicked in (after 40 minutes ) but still no connection to WF.


Hi @andyhudsonsmith . A red light on the HUB typically indicates loss of WiFi connection. Try rebooting your internet router, and/or reconnecting to WiFi via the Smart Weather app. Let us know.

…and Happy Friday!

He stated he is getting UDP packets so Wi-Fi is working.

In my experience the red led indicates loss of connection to the WeatherFlow server, which could be anywhere from his Wi-Fi to any point along the Internet. I do agree that he should try a reboot of his router.


I tried everything I could think of - reboots, wondering why udp came and went (it would connect after 40 mins and then drop off again).

I then read around the forum and found another thread that mentioned a router extender - sure enough it was playing up, a reboot of the extender and all works.

It’s so natural to reboot the main hub and easy to miss the extenders …

Thanks as ever for the help,



i am happy you remembered that and that you are back up.

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