Occassional red LED blink on the Hub

My Hub has been online since I received the station (~Sept 2018) and works with no issues. However, from time to time I see the LED goes red for a second and then back to green. It does it every minute or so but not all the time. I see it doing every couple of days or weeks.
What does this mean?

It has lost connection with the WeatherFlow server.

By blink on I guess you mean it goes from green to red.

green …red (1 second) …green…<—>…red (1 second) …green …–>
It sits next to the wifi router so the signal strength should not be a problem. RSSI is -26
Anyways, if I don’t see an issue, it’s OK I guess.

Something between the Hub and the WeatherFlow server has interrupted the communication.

Try putting a few more feet between the wifi router and Hub. In radio, there IS such a thing as too close…