Weatherflow station won't go back online (resolved)

My Weatherflow station (11505) with air and sky devices has gone offline. It is connected to my router and is broadcasting UDP packets (WeeWx gets them), but is shown as offline in the app. The LED is red on the hub. How can I get my station back online?

redd led on the hub means it can not reach the internet, most probably not getting access to the wifi for some reason.

Did you change something recently in your wifi setup ? (upgrade, setting ??)

Did your internet access get interrupted? Since you can see the UDP packets maybe the issue is up line from your Wi-Fi network.

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The router admin page shows that the hub is connected and has an lan ip address. I am replying through the same router/wi-fi, so it is connected to the Internet.

It is connecting and disconnecting from the server, according to email notifications. On at 1050, off at 1100, on at 1125 and off at 1230.

What does “It” revers to in this case? Tempest or your Router?

The hub is connected to the router and stays connected. It is broadcasting packets. The router is connected to the Internet and stays connected. The Tempest weather servers are not receiving data. My weewx wx server, on the same LAN, is.

That sounds like an issue with the rules of the firewall.
You said, the Hub’s LED is still red, correct?

Are you sure with the StationID (11505)? That station is transferring data and consists of a Sky and an Air, please have a look:

You where did you take the 11505 from?
How to find the StationID you can find here.

Yes, that’s my station. I got an email at 0731 that it was online. I didn’t change anything since it went offline yesterday. I expect it will simply go offline again as it did before.

I can’t find anything here to stop it sending data: hub, router, net connection all working. Could there be some problem with the servers and non-tempest devices?

And the LED is green now?

If it goes offline again, I think the best way to get into the details is to open a support ticket and mention this topic within.

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