Station Offline (culprit: my hub got accidentally unplugged)

I received an email from Weatherflow saying they haven’t heard from my weather station in a while, and suggested that my WiFi or home network may be down. I launched the app and I have a yellow notification bar saying “Network error. Your station’s offline.” Checking Weather Underground, my station hasn’t reported in for two hours now.

I’m at work, so I launched my Google WiFi app to check my home network, and it shows that all systems are operational. I restarted my network remotely, but nothing has changed on the app or Weather Underground. Apparently I’m still offline.

Is there a way to power the hub on and off remotely via the app?

Also, looking at my home network’s devices in my network app, I don’t see anything that’s obviously my hub, though I have a few devices that have cryptic descriptions: “Unnamed device,” and a device that starts off with “09AA01…” Is there a way to tell if either device is my Weatherflow station?

The Smart Weather Station Hub has a MAC address of B0:38:29:xx:xx:xx

What is your station_id?

Hi RJ,

When you get home try power cycling the Hub. Just unplug for a few moments and plug her back in. That might do the trick. If there is a lot of traffic on your home network, try setting up a guest network and connecting the Hub to it.

See Troubleshooting Hub WiFi connection
And please don’t hesitate to contact customer support, you can open a ticket or e-mail us directly @

Hey Gary. My Station ID is 4816.

None of the devices I can see on my network app show a MAC address like that, but maybe that’s because it’s down.

Thanks Tim. I’ll try power cycling when I get home and report back.

I see you are back online. It seems it was down for 2 hours, 34 minutes. It came back up 1:20 your time.

Yes, turns out my USB hub that the WF hub is plugged into accidentally got unplugged. Plugged it back in and everything was back to normal in no time.

How very cool that WeatherFlow alerts you when your station is down for whatever reason. And I got an email verifying that I was back online as well. Love that!


That’s a point of failure with the station. I have my Hub powered by USB battery which is kept charged by Power Over Ethernet. Then the POE power is powered by a huge UPS. When power does go out, though very seldom, the Hub continues to collect and send weather data.

I hope some day WeatherFlow will offer a POE Hub. There are just too many Wi-Fi only devices being sold these days. I’m already having to use two class C NATs at my house

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