Correcting Year to Date Rainfall

Hi All, recently my Hub had to be replaced and this reset all the data. Weatherflow merged my records so the weatherflow app shows the correct rainfall to date information. Is there a way of adjusting what the wfpiconsole shows so it is also correct?

OK, I suspect what has happened here is that the statistics API endpoint has been updated/merged by WF, but the raw API data from the individual devices has not. As the PiConsole uses the raw data, that is why you see a discrepancy. I have had a vague plan to move over to using the stats endpoint rather than the raw data, but haven’t got around to it yet. I’ll take another look into it, but can’t promise a time scale

Having same problem here.
Looking forward to seeing this fixed.
Thanks for all the efforts Peter.

We get many positive comments about the wfpiconsole on display here
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This feature is now available in the latest version (Announcements & Updates - #2874 by peter). It needs to be activated manually as by default the console will not use the Statistics API endpoint (it results in a small loss of accuracy because of rounding). You can read more here: GitHub - peted-davis/WeatherFlow_PiConsole: Raspberry Pi Python console for WeatherFlow Tempest and Smart Home Weather Stations