CWOP Mesowest Website Update from Weatherflow?

I came across a now-closed forum topic from June 2020 stating that our Weatherflow data is already being sent to the National Weather Service via the National Mesonet Program and that Weatherflow staff was working on getting it displayable on the Mesowest website (MesoWest Data ) . It’s over a year since that topic, so I’m wondering what the latest information is regarding this status? (I still don’t see it on Mesowest). Mesowest is an extremely important asset to the NWS as it is a quick way for forecasters to tell what data is making it into the Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS). Data on this system makes it into many model datasets that NWS forecasters use, including the GFS, the NAM, the HRRR, and the RTMA/URMA, and ultimately makes those models better!
Thanks very much for the update!

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