Dashboard WeatherWizz for Tempest Weather Station

Hello everyone. I open this new thread to talk with you about a newly created dashboard that allows you to connect various weather stations, including the Tempest station. It in a single screen allows you to see most of the values ​​detected by the station (not all) but I believe that as they will be implemented, perhaps to see them you need a small monthly donation to support the site. It could be a valid alternative to view data on a tablet (it was born for this purpose).

To connect the station just press on the “connect weather station” button, press on “setup tempest”, press on the “connect weather station” button and at this point you will be redirected to the site of the tempest station, just enter the credentials and the station is connected to the interface.

Here is the link of the site: https://www.weatherwizz.com/ and this is the link where you find my station connected: https://www.weatherwizz.com/ew0001dt/?station=XIEVUHQWIV

P.s. there is still something to fix but it works!!

Here an example of the dashboard:

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Would be great if I ever get my activation email to try it out.

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It will come to you sooner or later. He is very busy at the moment.

UPDATE: an ad HOC dashboard has been created for the Tempest station, it contains all the data detected by the station, there is still a little something to fix and / or add.

In order to use this new dashboard, it is necessary to support weatherwizz on Patreon, paying a sum of € 3.50 + VAT every month.

This is the new dahboard that can be viewed at the following link: TEM0001 – WEATHER WIZZ


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We can say that it is free, but in this case you will not be able to see some values, such as the DELTA T, AIR DENSITY, LIGHTNING and other values.

That is, the free version can also be used, it is not mandatory to support Weatherwizz, but some things are absent in the free version.

This does not only happen in the case of the Tempest station but also for other station brands, which for example to change the name to the additional sensors connected to the station (which reach up to 8 sensors and therefore very confusing not to know the exact name of the sensor) you need to support WeatherWizz to have this option.

if you have any ideas to suggest for the dashboard go ahead!


I had this set up through Weather Display a few weeks ago and it had been working fine until yesterday. None of the links to weather station data here work any longer, and I can no longer view my dashboard through Weatherwizz. The only data that shows is a single packet of completely random, inaccurate data if I look at the raw data weatherwizz “sees”. Watching Cronweatherflow, I can see real-time UDP packet traffic and both Tempestwx and WU are showing data activity that is accurate.

I attempted to delete/re-add my station on weatherwizz, and it is no longer providing an auth password or station ID in the setup process. Is anyone else having display issues with this suite?

I assume Tempest is no longer supported? No option there…

Indeed the direct link to Weatherflow stations doesn’t seem to exist anymore
@ivanpiodavide1 abandonware ?


Non so, ultimamente non ho più contatti con loro.