Different wind speed (web page vs application)

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the webpage and the application were all in perfect harmony, now the web page gives winds that are much too weak, I would like to know how to remedy the situation

email support@weatherflow.com and ask support to investigate.

When I compare wind speed (km/h) in the web, android app and Weather Underground (WU), there are mismatches. I understand that the zoom factor applied affects the averaging per time unit displayed for a given device.

However the web data in this - admittedly - small sample never gets beyond 13 km/h for gusts, whereas WU will show gusts up to 36.4 km/h and the android app has several hits above 40 km/h. No zoom factor combinations can provide better agreement between devices.

Can somebody please explain to me why the web data differs so much from the other two devices.




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In my case it isn’t very windy and I don’t see difference between web and app

@anon84912554, something changed serverside ??

Additionally, some of the options in settings for the web don’t stick (i.e. Wind Speed units and Alerts). For distance the option [Imperial | Metric] is repeated.


this seems on Android, the distance is ok and the next menu misses a header being other (on iOS at least)

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Yes, sorry, I wrote “the web”. The capture is from the android app.