Wind Speed - Additional Info Requested

I know that the app reports the windspeed. But it doesn’t seem to be reporting the actual windspeed at the moment. For example, the other day the wind speed hit 52 miles an hour while I was watching the app, but the app was reporting on the top of the page only 7 miles an hour. You could see the wind gusting so much so that the horizontal bar below the wind speed and miles per hour was all the way to the right to the maximum we can go but yet it was only reporting 7 miles an hour. It seems that the app does not report the Gus of wind in a live manner, but might only do it historically when you get into the history page. So in short, what I’m requesting is that the main part of the app display the actual speed of the wind at the time that you’re viewing it not some kind of average speed which it seems to be displaying.

The live (at 3 second intervals) windspeed is listed as a number value inside the wind direction circle. The wind speed listed in larger numbers above the horizontal line is the average windspeed over the past 60 seconds.

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Thank you for your response. I don’t see any numbers that represent windspeed in a circle. So that I understand what you’re telling me would be possible for you to send me an image of the number in the circle that you’re referring to? Also, so that I fully understand the number you’re referring to above the horizontal line, I don’t know what horizontal line you’re referring to so if you could include that in the image that would be great. Thank you very much.


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Thank you for the image.

Here is an image of what I see on my iPhone.


The circle has no numbers inside the circle – it never did.

The horizontal bar also has no numbers – it never did.

Are there settings that control these features?

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The output I showed is in the “card” view. To get there, tap on the circled icon.


Actually, you can tap anywhere in the upper section to get to card view.

@jerry4, try tapping on different places and items in the app and you will discover quite a few things about it.

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Ok – I see it.

Hiding a feature like that is NOT good. There has to be a way to alert users of this feature.

When I tap, I get all the data – BUT there remains no #’s inside the wind circle – I see wind gusts to the far right of the circle and wind speed (I guess average) to the immediate right.

Do you always use the iPhone app to display things? Do you see anything different if you view the station via a browser? I don’t have an iPhone to see if the display is different on that platform.

OK – I logged in on my computer and see the data inside the circle.

Great – Thank you

A suggestion would be to make the app and the desktop the same for this function.

Also, don’t hide the feature on the app that opens up the hidden data. My guess is a lot of users – probably the majority don’t know about this great feature.


FYI, this great feature (card view) was the only screen available in the early days. I wish that the app had a config option to use card view as the default screen upon launch, because it is what I use the most (to check on the optional battery card to see my Tempest’s charge status)…

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I have noticed that sometimes it takes a little while for the rapid wind values to show up in the circle.

As for the “hidden” data, it is difficult to put a large amount of information in a small space without all of the space taken up with notes and things telling people to tap here or tap there. I get that some users don’t think to tap on different parts of the screen but that really is something which should be done when a user gets a new app. If it seems like something should be available or doable, then try it. Tap, tap-n-hold, tap-drag, etc. For example, on the card display, try touching and holding on a card for a moment then try to move it up or down. See what happens.

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Thank you for the additional comments. If the manufacturer provided several short one or two minute videos on how to use various features of the app and desktop, those simple videos would greatly enhance their users experience.



Thank you for that information. I had not noticed that icon previously.

As I said previously, it would be very helpful if the developer included several short videos explaining how to use various aspects of the technology.