What's the difference between the two wind readings in grid view?

One is in the small circle on the left that gets continually updated, and the other larger text to the right of the small circle that reads for example " NNW 1.1 mph"

They seem to read independent of each other

The small circle updates every time the wind is sampled and the other one is the one minute average and is what is on the wind graph when zoomed in all the way.

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Thank you!
I’m impressed by the design and build and rollout.
And the community. Thank you!

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BTW, in case you hadn’t figured it out, in the app you can hold a card in that view and then move it to rearrange the order.


Very cool! And immediately the rearranged order shows up on the web interface as well.

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Very nice tip. Is there a way to default the app opening to grid view?

Not yet. There is a feature request for this very thing.

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Just voted for that feature :grinning:

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however, when the 1 minute average value is updated, the small circle also shows the direction (but not the speed) of the average wind, until a new value is sampled (at least when the sample rate is once per 15 seconds). A confusing feature for sure.