Incorrect Wind Direction follows Null data event

Station 2132
At certain times, the wind indication will flip from SW to NE and stay there. This has been happening for a while now, with SPA and battery power.

Latest occurrence was yesterday morning. Have had steady SW winds for a couple of days but indicator changed to NE yesterday and remains there today. Does not seem to correlate to rain events.
See screenshots as this may correspond to null wind data events.
See also screenshot from this morning showing null data event followed by apparent change in wind direction. There are also very high wind gusts after these null data events.
Wind has been steady from SW.
Any thoughts?

Hi Scot,

The Wind direction is an reverage.
At least for the 1-minute zoom level 4 Valus are averaged, if power save mode is off, about 20 Values are averaged. For the higher levels even those 1-minute average values are averaged again.
So did you looked a the actual values (best with power save mode deactivated) ?
Is ther no fluctuation Seide the jump ?

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Yes, I understand about the averaging but the displayed wind direction has been about 180 deg out for over 30 hours now.
Seems to happen after Sky null data events but not always.
How would I look at the actual values?

I have/had same issue with my Sky. What you can do is check the uptime of your Sky. Mine reset at NULL event. The wrong (180deg) wind direction lasted from a couple of minutes to hours and returned back normal then. To me it happened at approximately same wind speed.

Mine has been stuck almost at due south for a few months now. If anyone has a fix it would be nice to know. I did read something about using a wind tunnel to correct it but not everyone has one at their disposal. I tried leveling it to if that would help. On the top of a ten foot pole to be totally exactly level is not really possible but it’s not crooked by eye. Please let me know if anyone has an answer/fix. Other than this I really love this weather station. Thx Ray

If there is nothing in the air gap then I would contact WF support. It may be that there is a sensor issue. During field testing of different air gap coatings it was not uncommon to see the uncoated SKY get stuck in a direction and have it resolved as soon as I cleaned off the water in the gap.


You see the actual values in the app on the “Now” tab. They should be updated (for wind) every 3 or 15 seconds, depending on state of the power save mode.

Thanks. How do we look at data from yesterday for example?

Click the wind label to show the plot. Then slide left or use (-) to zoom out and then slide left.
Did you check if the Sky was rebooted when it went NULL and switched direction? You can see this under Settings, Status, uptime

Here’s no option to see the moment values for periods in the past, the graphs show averaged values (see my las post).
Only a third Party App which listens to the UPD messages would be able or the @WFmarketing /@anon84912554 might see those in their systems…

Thanks, yes I knew about the plot. I was thinking more about data tables but the graphs are fine.
Just checked status and uptime corresponds to the last null data event. In the last 24 hours or so, the Sky has rebooted at 1510, 1600, 1650 and 0100. Why is this happening?
These reboots did not trigger the erroneous wind direction (direction was already wrong and it remained so) but some wild fluctuations in peak reading were apparent. Is this likely to be a hardware or software issue?

I don’t know. I did ask this question to @anon84912554 but they just said the reading is fine (I disagree). I learnt about the reboot phenomenon just recently.

Wind has veered into the WNW now and Sky is showing ESE. Think I’ll raise a support ticket and see what they say.

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WNW real but showing ESE… The WF data shows where the wind is GOING, not where it is COMING from…

Just making that clarification.

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Are you saying that the underlying data does that? The app definitely shows the standard wind direction values like a physical weather vane would. The graphic arrow is located at the correct point but points inward showing the direction of wind travel.

Or are you talking about the direction arrows on the graph? It looks like those ARE wind travel direction arrows not weather vane direction arrows. Interesting.


In any case, it’s not physical that the direction changes by 180 degrees after a NULL (reboot) of the device. I just don’t have an answer whether it’s the hardware issue or software bug.

Well, wind calmed down after a while and the direction seemed to sort itself out. Then came another gale and heavy rain with the following result.

Definitely going to raise a support ticket.

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I would kindly ask @WFmarketing to give opinion on what happens during the “NULL” events. I saw the same thing in my old Sky and also in the brand new one. What I know and confirm:

  1. Happens at higher wind speed (e.g. 70-80 km/h)
  2. Wind speed reports NULL (gap in plots) then
  3. Sky reboots then
  4. when it comes back, it can (a) work normally, (b) switch the wind direction by 180 deg and/or ( c) drastically increases wind speed
  5. The problem heals itself after minutes, hours or day

If it’s a software thing, OK, you can fix it eventually. If it’s a hardware thing, I suggest to revise it for the Tempest. My colleagues said: don’t fix the hardware problems with software fixes.
Having the Sky tested in the wind tunnel is OK. But real conditions may be different - at least in my area the wind comes in strong gusts (e.g. average wind speed 20 km/h but gusts up to 120 or 150 km/h).
Looking forward to further investigation and findings :+1:

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Same here, the uptime of my Sky rarely seems to last more than several hours these days.