Sky wind data = totally calm

Something strange, my Sky Wind data seem to be kinda freezing!

When I look in the webversion and app, there is no wind, all is 0.

There is no storm, but surely a slight breese.


This morning it started also with zero values, but after a few seconds it “started up”
Strange, any ideas?

Just had a look at stations not to far from yours and there isn’t much wind at all. Just a very little breeze.
As I have no clue how your sky is mounted I can’t say much because the zoomed in graph does give little gusts.
Maybe the treshold is a little high (remember filters try to take out false events)
If you could give a more detailed situation of the sky’s location (maybe a pic or 2)

@anon84912554 coud have a look at the raw data for your unit and with the detailed info of the setup make an opinion and or give some hints.

But for sure your station does react to wind. Remember that with ‘no wind’ the arrow goes to the O° point instead staying at latest.


Thx for your input, I’ll check again tomorrow.

@eric You mention the arrow going to the north when there is no wind. I’m not sure if that should be the case for this graph. It is true for the panel view, but this graph shows no arrow when there is no wind. However on my system I noticed that for weak winds the direction seems to favorite north. I’ll give the system a bit more time to calibrate itself before I’ll open a support call as I didn’t had strong northerly winds so far. I read somewhere the self callibriation routines of the sensors needs some wind from all four cardinal directions.I’// wait for that to happen.

The Sky reports direction=0 when wind=0. There were a bunch of threads about this a few weeks ago.

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sure, but not in the this graph. there the arrow disappears when wind speed is zero

Don’t confuse the graphing with the rapid wind. Live and historic data are handled differently.


@garyfunk now you are confusing me. I see a graph above where there is no arrow when the average windspeed is zero. That’s fine with me. I don’t see what this has to do with Sky reporting north direction when windspeed is zero, as that is only happening in the panel view.
My station shows in the graph a tendency to show northerly winds when speed is low (but not zero), but I’m saying that might be due to unfinished internal calibration, so I’m waiting for some stronger wind from the north.

Let me ask you a question.

When viewing live data and there is no wind, what do you want the direction arrow to indicate?


Hi @blackbird . Good question, thanks for asking. Here’s a likely explanation: when you launch your app, it pulls in the most recent published observation (published every 1min). Given your screenshot and the extremely calm wind pattern noted in your graph, we can assume the previous 1min had absolutely no wind. The “rapid wind” data which is displayed in the wind dial on the left shows instantaneous 3sec data from your SKY. When you say: “after a few seconds it ‘started up’” … this suggests that SKY sensed some non-zero wind and it was displayed in the 3sec rapid wind dial.

You are referring to the discussion that is mentioned in other threads. In the panel view what should the arrow do when there is no wind. I’m referring to the graph.

If you want my opinion. In the panel view the arrow should keep its last direction. So I can see in one instant, wind speed is zero, but when there was a little wind it came from a certain direction. Just like a mechanical wind indicator would do.
In the graph view it is fine that the arrow disappears, because I can see from the surrounding arrows what is going on.

I think this does look better.



Very nice…the node-red version is less cool and takes more real estate (sigh)


My image is 100% CSS driven by a small amount of JavaScript

I’m writing this so all resources are stored on the RPi and it will work with no Internet access and only four JavaScript files. Once a browser leads the files once no more file downloads. It’s super fast and extremely light weight.


Leaving the arrow at the last reported wind direction on this wind compass seems like the best solution I have seen so far.


Indeed looks more useful. Apparently this has been discussed before, but weatherflow decided to go for moving the arrow to the North. (but my mind stutters a bit because you show a value of zero, which doesn’t match the visual indicator)

I believe that Gary’s idea is to show the current reading in the center text (including the return to North (0 degrees) when speed is zero) but to leave the user with a visual reminder of the last non-zero wind direction. I like it.


My SKY had been offline for months due to batteries dying and remodeling. I put new batteries on Saturday and have noticed all kinds of weirdness. For one, it showed that the last update was in March for 2 days. For two, although I put it in power saver mode it has dropped from 3.11 V to 3.01 V in two days. I’ll be surprised if it makes it through October at this rate. For three, I am getting the same weird display as posted (right now showing ‘gusting’ with no direction or speed but when I open the graph it is showing about 20 mph). Weird.

Welcome back @jhodgesatmb ! How did the remodel turn out?

Are you using the old original field test SKY (now deprecated) ? Or are you using the new production SKY that we sent you in May? Your data suggests that you are still using the old test device…this would explain the weirdness.

Actually, all batteries experience an initial voltage drop when first installed. We strongly recommend using fresh Ultimate Lithiums — which typically start at ~3.5v and settle in at ~3.4v when first installed.

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When I opened up the battery compartment, there was some rust on the door. Is that also expected? It seemed to me that ‘weatherproof’ should have suggested that there wouldn’t be any rust inside the battery compartment.

We will see what happens with the battery levels. If it stays at 3.01 V then I have not qualms. In order for the batteries to last for ‘years’ on Power Saving mode I would have to see power drops on the .05 level about every month (36 months assuming that the SKY will stop working below 1.5 V)