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How can u tell what was the highest wind speed of the day. I have been going to the wind speed graph and clicking on the minus button – thought that was the way you did it – but found out that’s not correct — what does clicking on the minus button exactly show — would be nice to see the highest wind speed-- average for the day – average wind direction – thanks

I know it was explained before – but what do all the wind items represent – the dial the wind degree mph gust


did you see this post ?

if you want more, then you need to use a third party softare retrieving more detailed stats via API? Look at the second talking about third party software.

what does clicking on the minus button - till it wont go anymore mean – stats wise

Good questions @caredlands … will explain further. SKY samples wind every 3sec. and displays those instant values in the 360deg circular dial on the blue dashboard view (or every 15sec if you choose to toggle your SKY to ‘power save’ mode for 2yrs+ battery life). The HUB stores the 3sec values, then calculates and publishes the 1min avg to WeatherFlow servers for data archive. There are also some pretty sophisticated algorithms on the HUB that inspect the data from the SKY before sending to be archived. (Note: the HUB also makes the 3sec data available via local UDP broadcast for users who wish to collect and store.) The 1min data is displayed immediately right of the wind dial on the blue dashboard view of the apps.

The WeatherFlow servers archive all data in temporal bins for future query (by the apps, website, etc). The data archive bins are as follows: 1min data points, 5min data, 30min data, 3hr data, 1day data. You will notice that each + / - tap on the graph will change the temporal resolution of the graphed data according to the data archive bins. Click the minus all the way brings you to the 1day data display. For wind, the 1day data graph shows the average wind speed over the course of that day, the highest gust, the lowest lull, and the direction vector avg. The temporal toggle allows the user to inspect a broad range of data at the resolution / granularity desired.


The wind graph above has been zoomed out to 1day data (one data point for each day). Tapped on May 20th as example. The summary for May 20 at the top shows: “1.6 (0.0 - 16.6) mph W” which translates to the wind during May 20th averaged 1.6mph with a low lull of 0.0mph and a high gust of 16.6mph and an average directional vector of West.


This is very useful and new information.


See also Data archive buckets explained for more in-depth explanation of data sampling and data archive.

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Hello – Mr Eager here !!! I was wanting to know – the following – to obtain the daily high wind/gust - one has to click on the minus button till it wont go any further. Is this correct ??? Well I have been noticing that if it says 14mph for the hi wind gust for the day — if I click on the 1-minute or 5-minute gust for example it displays a different stat – usually higher like 14.1 or 14.3 mph — Why is this happening Is it a bug help

hello can anyone help with my question stats aren’t matching up

Hello The wind stats are not matching all the time. I click on the minus point all the way to get the days high wind gust, average, direction – it states the daily stats — I then click the plus button down to the minute and get a higher wind gust. My weather display program displays what the minute interval states – however the daily interval states another different gust. Shouldn’t they match whether its the minute or daily interval. Will have to take pics help needs to be corrected – mr eager

Hi @caredlands Pls show examples (pictures) so we can investigate. Then reference this article: Data archive buckets explained and let us know specifically what you suspect to be erroneous from the expected data archive buckets. Also please include your station ID, mobile or web?, iOS or Android, and app version number. Thanks!

ok – received your message – will follow up with pics – thanks

Wind graph pic — Daily Stat for the Day Interval minutegraph belowdailystats

Pic of Weatherdisplay showing hi wind statweatherdisplay

Pic of wind graph pic – one-minute interval

Please note : The daily wind interval states the highest wind gust for the day is 14.8 mph – however the program weather display states 16.1 mph for the same day – then also look at the one minute wind interval it states 16.1 mph - which matches the program weather display. What’s up ??? What’s wrong ??? If the 1-minute interval states 16.1 mph high wind gust — then the daily wind interval should match - should read 16.1 mph

Tried to line up pics properly however – pics got jumbled up – — first pic is minute interval – second is daily interval – third weather display pic

station id 1622 – use android/Samsung 8 phone/ windows 10 app version v2.0(42)

tablet galaxy tab s2 – all have same problem

UPDATE : July-17-18. This time stamp bug - would this cause – my weather display program and weatherflow to show 2 different high wind gust. The hi wind gust not matching – when they should

If it states on the 30 minute interval – say 530pm – the high wind is 17.5 mph – then the 1-minute should show 17.5 mph — can this bug be fixed – I’ve seen various examples like that not matching – which should match

Very useful report @caredlands, thank you! Our data team took a look over the weekend and came up with the following theory: Max gusts are in fact calculated as the highest gust observed at during a 3sec sample and reported in the 1min data. Following your report, we think this is a bug on our side. For some reason the bucket generation system is having trouble with the start of each UTC day for some (not all) stations. For your station and all others in California that time starts at 5PM. You can investigate the issue by looking at the 5 minute buckets. You will see that we miss the 5:05 PM and 5:10 PM buckets each day. This just happens to be the time when the 16.1 mph gust came in for station 1662 noted above. This is our best initial analysis, and we’ll be looking into the root cause more closely this week.

Thanks again for reporting! - WF team

Hello – I looked into what you were saying about 5pm – I see what your talking about – there is a 10-15 minute gap of no stats .Is this a problem for everyone ???

No, not a major problem for the vast majority of users. Seems to be limited to only some users in a specific time zone (ie California). If you look at your 1min data between 5p-5:15p local, you will see that we have all the data points, nothing is lost. It’s just a matter of how the data is timestamped and stored in the 5min bucket (which subsequently is used to calculated some of the other data buckets). As noted previously, we suspect it has something to do with how the system handles the UTC day within the 5min avg data bucket for only the timeframe between ~ 5:00p to 5:15p local.

Thanks again for reporting. Please allow us some time to identify the root cause and solution.

Is this related to the problems/bug with the API and using time_start and time_end?

Hi @WFmarketing,

Every station that I have looked at (no matter what time zone they are in) shows the gap in the 5-minute buckets at 0000 UTC. Of course, because the Web app shows all stations in my local time instead of the local time of the specific station, I see them all as having a gap at 8:00pm EDT (UTC-4).


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How is this problem? Is it solved

Has this problem been solved ??? Please help