Display Cards. Which Air is Selected?

I’ve setup my replacement Air device and have moved my original(which had a humidity measurement issue) indoors. I’ve updated it’s Environment to reflect this. I’ve also turned off lightning detection on this device.
Is it possible on the “Ongoing Notification” to select which Air’s values are displayed? I only see the originals measurements.
Also the lightning detected card is still displayed in the app for the device where I have it disabled - is this because there is historic data? Is there a specific time period after which this will no longer be displayed as the data would be considered stale?


Remove the bad Air then add it again. It’s the unit with the lowest device ID that gets used.

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Is the historic data lost then? or will it stay online under old id?
And new id will gen new data?

The new ID will start with new data.

Also you have the wrong idea of the meaning of how Ongoing Notifications and Cards work. They have nothing to do with what is displayed and everything to do with the application send you background notifications.

Thanks, I get the new id will have the new data, but will the old device remain associated with the station online with historic records?

I don’t get what I don’t understand about the cards/Notification.
The cards in the app show info as reported by the devices.
The ongoing notification takes data as pushed to the server (using lowest Air id)
What am I missing?


No. Ongoing notifications are the notifications that you see popup at the top of your screen. Like when you get a text message on your phone. Or when Facebook tells you something happened when you don’t have the Facebook application running.

A second option would be to contact WFsupport in a private Topic and ask to change the leading Air …
Was very easy :wink:

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Is that even possible under the current code?

Maybe it is possible. David hits at it here:

Last time they did it, to my knowledge, was beginning of the month.

I don’t recall seeing indication of that but then with 20,000 posts it’s difficult to remember all of them.

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Hi Coley,

I’m replying to you directly via support ticket.
But I’ll leave some info in this post and close the topic.
At this time in the app, the lightning card will remain on the homepage for the station regardless if it is enabled or not. The old data is stored and you can view it on the card.

We can merge your AIR data streams together. The old AIR data will actually overwrite the new AIR and your new AIR will continue to report. You can then add back the old AIR on your station.