Hide lightning card

Is it possible to change the apps/web so that the lightning cards are hidden for devices where the lightning sensor is disabled in their device settings???


Actually, a better idea would to be to modify the apps to allow the hiding of any of the cards.

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isn’t that a setting to just disable the notifications from the lightning sensor but keeps the sensor going? or is there an extra setting that just completely disables it. In which case the it make sense to keep the card. Unless the amount of false lightnings is very severe. ((of course i still would prefer an option for better false lightning suppression, but it hard to convince WF of implementing that)).

On the other hand being able to select yourself which card to show would be a great option. Most notably for people with more then one air/sky (do you really want to see both UV readings if they always agree?)

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You can completely disable it under Settings → Stations → Select Station → Manage Devices → Air → Advanced.

My Indoor Air has it disabled, but the card is still there.

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I’m wondering why this option exists in the first place. I can understand you don’t want to see it, if it is useless for you (no notifications, no panel), but it doesn’t harm if it would still measuring the data does it?

I have an Air in my basement, sitting next to the oil burner with electric ignition that generates continuous sparks to keep the fire going. The only thing that the AS3935 (lightning sensor) is useful for in that scenario is wasting battery life…

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We don’t get much lightning here in the PNW and I’d love to hide the card. I somehow managed to get a false lightning strike when I was first configuring the device and I’d rather just hide the card entirely.