Do WF Wind readings compensate for height

Evening - my sky is at 3 metres so I was about to multiply my wind speed by 1.2 as per


It’s worked for me over the years with my Davis units but wondered if WF data had already factored height into the readings as I know it’s asked for in the app.

Hope it’s ok to ask,


Hi Andy. It’s always okay to ask! And that actually sounds like something we’d do! However, the short answer “no”. We do not alter the wind speed measurements based on height above ground (yet).

The longer answer is that we have extensive experience at WeatherFlow standardizing weather observations, especially wind. That’s the key to our StormPrint product and much of the data you see on our consumer products like and

The data science gurus who built those systems have been applying their magic to lots of other data lately (lots of cycles have been going into rain data lately!). And while we are not applying any wind algorithms to it, yet, we very likely will do that soon (it’ll also likely be a bit more complex than the formula you found).