Downloadable Decriptive Documentation

I would like to see a downloadable document that describes each field of each screen. For example, on the main screen there are two numbers at the bottom that look like temperatures but what are they: forecast? Hi/Lo for the day so far? They are not labeled. For any average data point, over what period is the average taken and how often are the data points collected. Which data items are recorded by the local instrument and which are modified by data from other sources and what sources. There is a horizontal bar graph associated with the wind on the main page but there are no scale markings, it is just a bar that gets longer as wind increases but which wind (average or current or other) and what range does the bar cover? The same questions arise for almost every item posted. We know that the values often do not reflect data collected by our instrument but which ones are local and which ones are modified and how. Many times I look at the information provided on the application but cannot tell where it is from. I am most interested in my local conditions and not something averaged or modified over a larger geographic area. It is unlikely that the method of creating the data will not change but at least give us a document that explains how each parameter in developed so we can better understand what Tempest is displaying.

If this documentation already exists, please point me to it. How about being able to click on a parameter and have the associated information that describes the value and its development pop up in a window?