External display

Is it possible to setup and external display?

if you use the search function in this group you should find plenty of third party options

I picked up a Raspberry PI 4 (and a micro HDMI cable and Raspberry power supply) this weekend from Amazon (Father’s day gift to self). I wanted to play around with a standalone display as I miss my Davis display. I watched a few videos on YouTube as to how to load the Raspberry OS onto a micro SD card with Raspberry imager, I used my old Win7 machine to copy the Raspberry OS to the micro SD card. I then placed the card in the Raspberry, attached a keyboard, mouse, monitor and power supply and I was off and running, the Raspberry OS loaded upon bootup. I then went out to github (GitHub - peted-davis/WeatherFlow_PiConsole: Raspberry Pi Python console for WeatherFlow Tempest and Smart Home Weather Stations) followed the directions and I had the console running on my monitor in less than an hour. Love the look and under $100.