Feature Request: Date range extension for line graphs

It would be great to have more range with the history graph (- +) controls. Right now it only goes back about 3 weeks. Would be wonderful to see a graph of wind speed (and others) going back a year or more. Thanks!

this is possible already on webpage and mobile apps, just use the - to ‘zoom out’ and you can go more back in time.

Thanks for the response!

On a phone, it goes back to the first day Tempest was up and running! Perfect!

However on the app on a desktop, you can only go back 3 weeks using the zoom out “-” button. Am I missing some technique for scrolling back further on the desktop app?

Ah, yes! I use a trackpad on a Mac and browsing any “zoom level” all the way back is possible. Just place the mouse cursor over the graph and click, hold and slide.