Long term graphs

Is there a way to get long term graphs of the weather data like temps or rainfall?

Hi @dragonstuff1983,
I moved your question to a new topic because there are several answers and they are not related to the feature request item where it was originally posted. Here we can discuss your options.
Firstly have you seen the graphs in the Tempest App and on the web page? Those graphs can be zoomed out then scrolled across going back in time.
Perhaps you might want to zoom out further than the App and web page provide?
If you wish to zoom out further then you will need to use a different technique and then it depends what computer systems you may be familiar with to find the easiest solution for you.
It is possible to download the data using excel or an API and it is possible to store and present the data using weewx, none of which are simple.
If you search this forum there are topics discussing how to get your data to present it yourself if that is what you wish to do.
If you tell us your goal and how important it is and what computer skills you have people here will give you some ideas.
cheers Ian :slight_smile: