Fireworks causing rain

I let off a few fireworks for the kids in the garden last night. Nothing big. Just a small selection box that you’d get from any supermarket in the UK this time of year.

I was a bit surprise to find they had triggered rain alerts from my Sky. I thought perhaps I might get false lightning but no. I got false rain.

Anyone else had similar?

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Yep! I got the same during the local fireworks display :slight_smile:

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I’ve heard of people firing a cannon into the air to cause rain. I always wondered it that really worked.


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Same here. Also get rain notification from other loud noises such as passing helicopter and petrol lawnmower :neutral_face:

Lightning is detected by electromagnetic fields. Rain by vibration. Hence fireworks is without any electricity there will be no lightning effect but caused by the explosions ther are shock waves of the surrounding air and as this reaches the sky’s head, it will be similar to a vibration a raindrop will cause.


Yeah the next door neighbors have been shooting off big fireworks tonight and I started getting rain notifications. So I looked it up on the forum and here it is.