Sky really is super sensitive

I think sky is going to report a lot of rain around New Years Eve.
There where some fireworks tonight nearby. But the explosions of it triggered moderate rainfall at my Sky. :joy:

Really nice to see that it’s verry sensitive.
Curious about how much rain it will measure around the New Year.



If you could isolate the times when it happens and forward it to WF or here, this way they can pinpoint and analyse the signals and this might help de learning system.

It is those little things that can make it progress quicker as the origin is identified.

thanks for the help

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I know that this has been brought up before, but I keep getting notices that it is raining at my house when the historical record says it isn’t, or that the amount is so minimal that the app doesn’t record it as accumulation. Might we have a setting (a notification threshold) where if the accumulation is less than this threshold we aren’t notified that it is raining? I live in a foggy area and there might be moisture but not rain and no accumulation. If I could set the notification threshold at 0.05 accumulation, then any real rain would exceed that threshold and it would be less frustrating/annoying. Something to consider.

Sure Eric. I will keep WF up to date in this topic.

Here is the reading it got from the fireworks.
It’s not much…but it picked up something. :wink: