Manual rainfall trigger option

We are all aware that our SKY units struggle with recognising light rainfall, but over many months I have observed that once the unit is actually “triggered” they are quite sensitive. A few times recently we have had light drizzle for a day or more and SKY will not register… but I have now started to give it a lil tap on the cap and pretty much instantly it will reliably report rain that would be half the intensity that previously failed to trigger it. I can do this because my SKY is only mounted at 2 metres. I am planning to get it up to the optimum 10 metres once the solar option is available, but at that height manually triggering it is not going to happen. Can we please have an option to do this when we observe light rainfall that will not trigger the SKY?

even when it is dry and you tap it, it probably report some rain. Or is this a silly remark?

Interesting. Maybe a future hardware rev will have a set of electrical probes on the surface that can detect moisture to both rule out false rain and to start “sensitive mode” for light rainfall.

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Yes it will, but the main point is that once it is actually triggered , it will measure quite light rainfall. I realise it is a balancing act to prevent false rain while allowing actual precipitation to be recorded, Just hoping there is an easy way to include a manual trigger, obviously if you are a long distance from the SKY it will not help , but for those with the station in their vicinity it could.

o, that’s pretty interesting. would this be a software or a hardware thing?

Software, no need to upgrade anything, just let us trigger it when there is light rain.Obviously there is a threshold and why not use that when we observe precipitation?

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We acknowledge the issue you are experiencing and while we will likely not pursue the manual trigger option feature we will work towards a more automated solution to the underlying problem.

Thanks again for your feedback.


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