Rain calibration since firmware update v94

Just curious to see if there are rainfall measurements after the update that are in line with known good sources, I have not gotten any rain yet and looks to be at least the weekend before I do.
Thanks and please keep us posted on your rainfall results

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Yesterday a shower that gave me 1.4 mm of rain.
Haven’t seen the Sky go to ‘Verry Light’ … When I just had it it would sense it.
But with last drizzle event in the night it didn’t measure anything.
Just have to wait if it continues with light rain events.

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Thats an interesting observation as I have been thinking exactly the same.

I used to get notifications as soon as the light rain hit the sky, since v94 i have not seen one notification.

This morning my VP2 is reporting .6 mm in the last 3 hours but on my WF zero.

I am watching the light rain hit the unit and nothing is appearing in data. All other functions appear to be working ok.

@dsj any thoughts?. Not seen any other users mention same yet but the roll out has only just happened.

One to watch maybe

Just notice this post on same subject

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Actual rain .33", Sky .14".


V94 is the basis for the upcoming calibration. For as much I could see it changed the rain sensitivity to much lower.
David warned about it when he said the calibration isn’t yet activated. From over reporting were now to under reporting.
We’ll have to wait the activation of the calibration I guess.


So we will have another revision or just something tiny will be turned on is there a thread on this explanation

The drizzle we had about a week ago (before the update) also wasn’t picked up by the Sky.

There where a couple of mm’s measured by other weatherstation.
Dsj told me that if this going on every time with drizzle the rain sensor could be faulty.
Sky should have picked it up.

I will keep an close eye on my Sky unit with rain. And report it on the forum.
But furthermore I’m verry pleased with my Weatherflow station. Only rain and UV could be a little bit better.
Know they are working on it. :ok_hand:

This time of year in North Carolina our rain events are normally thundershowers with moderate to heavy rainfall, so my Sky has only been exposed infrequently to light rainfall or mist. I don’t know when v94 got installed, but I’ve certainly been notified of rain events recently, even for some light rainfall episodes. Unfortunately, I don’t have another weather station with which to compare rainfall results, so can’t offer objective evidence. I think the Weather Flow folks are very competent, but I do find it curious that they haven’t long since figured out how to calibrate their sensor with light rainfall, as it would be simple to test in a lab setting with a shower head. I’m interested to see if other owners respond with similar concerns and how WF handles the remedy.

Here is a report I posted in a Field Tester thread after the v94 update. Considerably closer correlation between instruments than before v94.


Thats looking pretty good Dan. Do you have any Idea on what eric posted above?
“David warned about it when he said the calibration isn’t yet activated”

Well . . . I can’t speak for @eric but I would say that before v94 my two Sky units heavily over-reported precip during moderate to heavy rain conditions. That seems to be corrected in v94 (we’ll know more after remnants of Hurricane Florence come by here tonight and tomorrow).

Since the over-sensitivity to heavier precip has been reduced, there may be some issues with light precip, but I have no comparisons for that yet.

The calibrations should get better as more data is accumulated under v94.

You can bet that @dsj and the WF folks are tirelessly working to make this new haptic rain sensor match local comparison instruments as closely as possible. My patience is certainly paying off now with v94 and I know further improvements are in the pipeline.


V94 is the software in the hub that manages all the devices + + + +

Calibration, when activated, is somehow also ‘injected’ in your hub that will do the work.

V94 most probably introduced the ‘hooks’ or software parts needed for the upcoming calibration data. The routines in some sort to calculate, etc …

Will we get other updates for the hub, for sure … will the calibration be an upgrade each time, no … I guess we will get regular calibrations pushed to our devices without we knowing it mostly as it will be an ongoing process, Not a one shot.


Why dont we see callibration updates?

Thanks for the answer Erik from what Dan posted it looks very promising just good to see this thing moving forward and Thanks for the explanation

How would you expect to see them.



is that “how you would” ala you already know that’s what it will look like ?
(in which case - grrrr - undocumented APIs…)

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There is no undocumented API. Explain yourself.

Where is an event of type ‘calibration’ documented in the online API pages ?

Not seeing it in the UDP pages even for v94

By a firmware update or is the callibration on the server. In that case it has no sense to cap the packets directly from the hub i think.

I’m sorry, I didn’t understand that at all. Can you rephrase what you said please ?