Not registering rain

I have had my Sky unit installed for about 3 weeks and we’ve experienced rainfall from a number of thunderstorms with rainfall the Sky seems to have accurately recorded. Today we’ve been experiencing the remnants of Hurricane Florence here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina and the rainfall total is clearly far more than the 1.3" recorded by the Sky unit, likely closer to 3". We’ve experience light to moderate rainfall continuously since midnight last night, yet the Sky unit has often recorded no rainfall when rain was falling lightly during this 21-hour period. In fact, it has continuously been raining lightly since 5PM, over 4 hours ago, yet the Sky has recorded no rainfall. I think the Air/Sky is a promising weather station, but hopefully the sensor can be recalibrated in software to much more accurately measure light rainfall. Note my Sky unit is well away from structures or trees that might interfere with rainfall measurement.