Rain calibration since firmware update v94

the calibration is calculated, prepared by WF at their facilities, the result will be injected in our hubs that will apply it live to the Sky/Air before the corrected data will be send via mqtt/udp These calibrations can be updated as needed by WF to our hubs.

that’s how I understood it

@dsj : David, can you please confirm or not my understanding of how it will work

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First of all, it’s not part of the REST API.

Second, it is only in UDP and there is nothing to document as it’s not part of a weather or status packet. More likely it’s part of testing and may be removed in the future. I have discover over a dozen of such packets.


ok, I’m going to have to tweak my udp listener to (optionally) syslog unexpected messages rather than just discard them. Thanks.

I suggested that the data are callibrated on the wf servers and pushed to our hubs in that case you cant get data from the hub when you only have a lan connection. But I think this will not happen so i wonder where the callibration is implimented.

Ok that make sense but why dont we see a firmware update…

Calibration is not a firmware update. It’s data sent to the hub and stored for use in calculating data from the sensors.

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Calibration data comes from WeatherFlow. The actual calibration is done on the Hub based on the data it receives from WeatherFlow.

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17 Sept: As a reminder, we have not deployed the WF auto-calibration / continuous learning system for rain accumulation yet . Once deployed, you will notice a marked improvement in your rain accumulation values. The system is currently in final testing before rolling out to the network.


Thanks understood and making 20 chars

I’m still showing excessive rainfall here with V94
2.94" WF
1.06 Davis VP2
1.05 Stratus rain gauge


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Looks like just the Field testers have received everything to reap the benefits from v94 update

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Hello @fishrman,

As @WFmarketing says . . . v94 is in final testing. The Field Testers (including me) have gone through numerous iterations of Hub firmware . . . some showed great improvements, some added new issues.

And not all of the Field Testers have received all of the new versions for testing. WF is diligently working to get the improvements out to all owners but they are also being careful in their field testing to make sure that the right stations are selected for testing.

If a Field Tester is not experiencing a certain issue then they might not get a new firmware version that addresses that issue but would, instead, receive the rollout with the rest of the station owners.

I have seen at least eight Hub firmware revisions this year and one of them was applied only to my field test stations.

I know this can be frustrating, but rest assured that WeatherFlow (and its dedicated group of Field Testers) are doing everything possible (and as quickly as possible) to make this product meet the expectations of the station owners.



@mikeym See note from above:

No explanation needed Dan I do not care that they have not released it to us yet I was just trying to explain to MikeyM why his did not show any better accuracy yet .
I am grateful for people to field test and in a way we are all field testers as this still has not been released for public sale.

Not trying to ruffle any feathers just trying to help



Are we going to know somehow that we’ve been deployed to ? Is there a version string someplace in the UDP status, or some kind of event to trap via software, etc. ?

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@vinceskahan We will announce to everyone when fully deployed. Also working on next version of app Uex that clearly communicates status of CL system for each parameter.


No problem . . . and no feathers were ruffled. Just thought it might be a good time to explain how it has been working.


The Sky seems to have under reported the remnants of Florence over the last 22 hours:

Weather Flow Sky: 2.30"
Cocorahs Gauge: 5.16"
Rainwise: 4.79"

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I am experiencing problems with my unit not registering rainfall.On two recent occasions my other weather nsystem has registered rain, today it was 0.3mm, the SKY unit has reported nothing at all. I am seriously beginning to wonder if it does measure rainfall as the only time I ever see anything, is when the SKY unit moves in a very strong gust of wind then it measures a mere 0.1mm.

Have you tried to gently tap the dome of the Sky ? It should give false rain, if not it is time to contact support for a closer look

support via the website : http://got.wf/contact

support via mail : support@weatherflow.com

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