Rain calibration since firmware update v94

Thanks, it appears any reasonable vibration will measure something as I commented we had 0.3mm of rain and it didn’t register, yet a gust of 20mph caused it to register 0.1mm. I’ll wait a bit longer to see if we get some decent rain, as it’s been moved recently do I need to get it to recalibrate or anything?

Just see that the mark is facing true north. Wind will resettle rapidly once it gets a few blows from all sides to calibrate the 4 sensors.

The rain calibration is not yet active. And even if it was, there is nothing you need to do. Once it starts, it will be all remote and not just once.

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Had rain event today. Sky reported 7.4 mm, Davis VP2 reported 9 mm (and other 2 stations I have in same place both 9+/-0.2mm). It’s pretty good I think.
The issue I have is that Sky started reporting weak wind despite the air is calm (none of the stations report any wind). “The wind speed” is about 3mph and all three (gust, avg and lull) are almost same.
Some algorithm running perhaps?

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First major rain since I installed my Sky in it’s permanent location and v94 firmware update, ( it is mounted on a swan neck pole bolted to one of the back fence posts), and the results…

WS1001 clone with tipping bucket rain sensor - 10.8mm rain recorded since midnight
Sky - 0.0mm

During some 30 mph gusts yesterday as the fence started to shake the Sky recorded 1.4mm of rain so I am assuming the sensor is working and detecting vibrations ?

Interesting product and looking forward to what comes in the future :slight_smile:

Update: Taken it down and given it the tap test and it recorded my tapping at 10:15AM here :


Current rainful today from WS1001 clone : https://otherdave.co.uk/

I’m aware the calibration is not in place yet but where as my sky used to perform quite well with rain, its now way out.

Davis reported 9.4mm so far today (its been steady rain) Sky reporting 0.85 - its almost as if the decimal point is in the wrong place.

Sky - http://www.finchamweather.co.uk/

Davis - http://www.finchamweather.co.uk/vue/


Had a rain event this morning and apart from the strange gaps in graphing, the accumulation was pretty much spot on , also the rain rate was improved, “very heavy” that was reported actually correlated to the conditions. The totals were within 0.5 mm of a rain gauge about 10 m away from the SKY.

Had some rain last night. CoCoRahs measured 0.21, Sky measured 0.151, local rain gauges were showing around 0.17 to 0.3. My CoCoRahs gauge is right next to the Sky. Firmware 94

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Yes, I’m aware thanks

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I realize that the rain thing is a work in progress and changes coming soon.
Looking forward to the calibration improvements.

Just a report.

v91 would over report rain up to 2 to 3 times actual.
v94 under reporting by a similar amount.

Last nights rain at one location (#4924) was 2.14 inch - WF report .92 inch
Second location (#4917) actual 1.5 inches, WF reported .51 inches.

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I’ll second the comments about a work in progress. Here’s an additional piece of data

My location’s (4823) SKY reported 0.08 and the Stratus Precision Gauge showed 0.03. The accumulation at 7-8pm 9/21is false rain from vibrations.

Here’s 2 photo’s showing the accumulation in the Stratus gauge and another showing the two gauges.



Over the weekend we have had some good rainfall, and totalled an amount of:
Weatherflow - 22.7mm
Other station - 30.9mm
Local station - 32.2mm
So the weatherflow seems to be reading way low compared to other sources, which have been constant for many years.

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I know this is being worked on, but my rainfall readings are sooooooooooo far off that I’m thinking of taking my station offline till there is some resolution with this problem. Today VP2 and manual gauge both reported .07" and WF is reporting .48"

Just a comment - not a complaint.

Station 5203

yeah - mine is the other way around. VP2+manual gauge on the money identical, WF about 1/3 of that. Sigh.

Why not leave it up to give WF more data to use to help bring about a solution? For now just ignore the rain measurements from SKY.


Please don’t take it offline. Your data is what’s helping us solve this!

OK no problem it remains on-line.

station 4664 WF rain 4.3mm rain gauge 2mm WH1080 2.1mm
hope this helps

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Is there a reason for the different behaviors? Some are overestimating others (like mine 2. (5088 and collocated 5147) are underestimating ?
And, as I see, why are both directions quite strong?

Oct 3rd to 4th. Accurate rain gauge 12.4 mm. SKY 11.8 mm. Some of the precipitation was snow. I have not heard much about how well snow is measured by SKY.


so far today WF 5.5 WH1080 5.4

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