Forecast missing on web app

I’ve noticed on the web app, I’ve been seeing “Forecast Failed to Load” alot over the past few day and when it does load, its cutting off on the right
Forecast card on Web App
. Is there an issue with the servers
Station ID 15419

Hoover over that field and the scroll bar will shows down the field.


Didn’t see that failing and didn’t hear anything about server issues neither.

Found it. However, with the current purple color scheme, the white scrollbar is very hard to see on the white ground. This is needs fixed!

This has been fixed and will be in the next build.

My forecast is not loading on web browser app also.

Also on web browser app it’s not auto updating.
I’ve tried it in Safari & Edge, and on satellite internet connection & cellular connection (different
Both, Windows 11 & iPad browsers.
Seems to be an off & on issue, as sometimes it works ok.
I’ve always (over last couple years) had some problems with not auto updating, but since recent updates (?) to apps, it’s been a lot worst.
As of right now, at this moment, it seems to be working ok. But the last couple days, it’s been a problem.
Thought I would mention this, since reading this topic, as other are having problems also.

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