Forum Quote Of The Day - Show Me!

In almost every forum I have participated or moderated there has always been a comment left by a member in a specific topic that was truly funny or brought more insight to the conversation. If you believe during your normal internet travels to have seen such a beast here in these forums.

Please do reference the link and quote the line of text that was truly funny or offered insight, knowledge, or just something that made you think.

There is no hard line or criteria as each person is unique in what they believe is funny vs insightful etc. This thread is not intended to make fun of others or to public shame anyone. The intent is to unplug, share, and hopefully bring a smile to someones face while teaching maybe just something along the way.

There are a few members in the Beta group who have continued to make me laugh because they are by their very nature just funny!! I can see myself absolutely breaking bread and smashing a few cold ones in toast and laughter because they are truly funny and technically very smart!

I enjoy very much being around funny, intelligent, and those who can offer opposing views on almost any topic. Its quite rare that I meet someone from the Interwebs that makes me take pause, much less change my mind on a core value or view.

Regardless, if you stumble upon some line of text from a member here please do share.

This topic had to do with false rain readings but one of the members offered this in their reply.

This topic is about Hubs going off line due to iterations of the firmware. As always, my friend vreihen always manages to pull a funny one in any serious conversation! :rofl:

This was interesting and funny the OP wanted to share that a tree frog had found shelter in his Sky. Wanted to know what the possible impact this little guy would have on the wind readings.

A follow up reply made me laugh as I could see in my head Super Mario with the mushrooms!

This thread was about the epic rain metrics captured by another member. The title he decided to use was very funny Time to build your Arks :rofl:

Keith at Weather Flow continues to offer fantastic insight to new customers. Offering updates to the FAQ and Technical answers to basic setup and things that make you say hmmmmmmmm.

This helpful guide is about the importance of battery orientation and polarity. Failure to follow this basic guideline will release the magic smoke!

As Keith says Don’t be THAT GUY :nauseated_face: :laughing:

Many of you that are not Alpha / Beta testers have the ability to see and read all of the hard work and endless iterations happening in the back ground. Every comment that pertains to the performance, quality, durability, and software is reviewed by the Weather Flow Team.

Early on the Sky had a clear lens which protected the Sky’s sensor array. As seen below one Australian beta tester helped identify this specific material would not operate long term in the blazing heat and extreme UV.

As always, the people, company, pressed forward to iterate and improve the hardware. All shipping products now use a very robust opaque white lens cover. As noted every comment is read, assessed, and if action can be taken ~ It is!

Very few people in the world have the ability to provide feedback at the ground level to improve a product. It’s even less likely feedback a consumer has relayed will ever be acted upon! With respect to the Weather Flow team and company their mission statement is to do Job One.

This can be seen daily by the engagement of the team here on the forums. It’s seen by me and dozens of Beta testers as we see endless iterations of software, firmware, and API changes.

Be proud your purchase of the Weather Flow hardware has and will make a difference to the world. I can not quote the comments by David as they are private. But rest assured his comments were as always Thank You, Let us know, It’s going to fixed, to On the list

David and team continue to lead the way and I am proud to have played an extremely small role in making this idea become a reality for all. :heart_eyes::+1::couple_with_heart_man_man:

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Not from this forum, but someone on wxforum was pondering the other day whether Hurricane Beryl (tiny storm by tropical standards) was really a large tornado and not a small hurricane. I had to point out the error in his logic that it had to be a waterspout since it wasn’t over land, and said that we would get the official answer if the next storm advisory listed it as an EF-0 and not a Category 1…