Google Home and WeatherFlow (solved)

For some reason if I want to use google home to talk to weatherflow, I have to give the google home app permission to access personal results like email and doing payments. That doesn’t feel right, nor does it feel like this should be needed. Is this something that is set from weatherflom?

Hi @sunny Well that doesn’t sound right. Two questions: what country are you in? how did you initiate setup between your Google Home device and WeatherFlow?

Typically, this is how one would setup: Say: “Hey Google, talk to WeatherFlow.” You will then be prompted to link your WF account (just your username / password for your WF account). That’s it.

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I live in the Netherlands but language is set to English. I did set up exactly the way you described but then I got the message that Google home needs access to personal data

Was this the first time you setup Google Home or have you been using Google Home before you got WeatherFow?

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Google home is running for more than a year now.

I would deny the access and see if it works. If it does not then allow it and after it is working remove the accesss.

As soon as I say talk to weatherflow Google home tells me to enable the personal results again. Screenshot_20180919-083750

I just looked at this and it’s a Google requirement.


Strangely enough my other device, a Nano leaf, doesn’t have these requirements, but it also installs differently. I can say hey Google, activate forest, and it will activate the forest scene on the nanolead. No need to say he Google, talk to nanoleaf at all.

They are two different types of applications. Google has different requirements based on what each application does.