Google Home: Status of support?

I don’t see the ability to add weatherflow in my home app. Is it planned?

Personally not using Google products but according to this page yes

@chuck.tatham We do have a WeatherFlow SmartWeather action for Google Home. You can get started by saying “Hey Google, talk to WeatherFlow”. This will prompt you to link your WeatherFlow Smart Weather account. You can do so by opening your Google Home app. There should be a card at the top that allows you to link your account. Once your account is linked you can say things like, “Hey Google, ask WeatherFlow for the temperature”

Can’t get it to work with Google Home. I tell it “talk to weatherflow” etc… It gives me the correct chime and WeatherFlow tell me “Hello weather geek. What can I tell you about the weather?”. When I respond and ask about the weather, I get a chime, then Google Home says “WeatherFlow isn’t responding right now. Try again soon”.

Anybody else with this problem ?


@cotedan87 I took a quick peek and I see that you have two user accounts. One of the user accounts has a station with no devices. Can you confirm that you have linked your Smart Weather Google Action to the account that has a station with devices? Thanks!

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Does it works only with Google Home or is it possible to add on cellphone using “ok google” ?

Works with ok google on phone.

Same procedure to “set-up”?

Interesting question…I set up for google home and never did anything for ok google on the phone. I just say ok google, ask weatherflow for the temperature (out of earshot of the google home mini) and the answer came back through my phone.

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Maybe it works only for English?? If I try in Italian I get some suggestion on Amazon for Weatherflow Windmeter

Try saying “ok google, ask weatherflow for the temperature”

In Italian of course.

This is what I got, just suggestion for WeatherFlow characteristics.


maybe you need to configure google assistant integration to weatherflow? This is what I get:

Accessing from PC to google assistant I Sent weatherflow to device. On Smnartphone appears “Try weatherflow”. I click on it but it does nothing.

Hi, I can confirm Max_Italy comments also for the German version.
Also the “weatherflow” service ist not mentioned in the list of services that can be added manually…
Has this ever been validated on any non-English Google Home version?

Hey @Max_Italy and @post

As of now, Google Home currently only supports English. It is on the roadmap to add additional language support in the future.

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“Hey Google, talk to weatherflow.” Google responds with the correct chime and states “Hello weather geek. What can I tell you about the weather?” When I ask it of the latest weather. . .Google responds with "here is the latest weather for Kayleen WeatherFlow . . . . . . "

@corrineb How can I change Google to respond from “Kayleen WeatherFlow” to “Bellevue Tempest Weather System” ? I have 3 stations on my account with 3 separate Hubs: Kayleen WeatherFlow; Backyard Tempest Field Test; Bellevue Tempest Weather System. I assume I may have to do that Merge thing to bring all 3 stations into the Tempest Hub (HB-00005345) ? It appears that Google is only reading from the original Hub (HB-00004889). I’d like it if I could get Google to respond only to “Bellevue Tempest Weather System” on HB-00005345.

I’ve been running a WeatherFlow weather station for about 5 years (I’m an Indiegogo backer), which is great for Google Home (“Hey Google, talk to weatherflow”).

Now I’ve added another weather station, the new Tempest. How do I set up another station in my Google Home account, and how do I call them up ?

Alternatively, how do I replace the older one that is already available in Google Home (it’s a weekend house) with the newer one I now run at home ?

Thank you

i guess you have to contact support and ask them to make you tempest the primary device.

Whose support, WF or Google ?